Monday, December 3, 2007

You might have read in the news lately about Linda Calbi who murdered her own son and apparently gets to retain her alimony payments while in jail. If you had I'd like to know what newspaper you read it in as a search through Google News has revealed only a couple blog sites and ONE news outlet reporting it. I'm not going to pontificate on how yet another woman has used the courts to escape justice. I will however point out that the real villains are those in the judicial system who are the willing accomplices of these kunts. Those who sit on the bench are the ones who truly need to feel the brunt of our rage. The judges who stand on the most flimsy of technicalities in the all consuming goal to make sure no woman is ever made to suffer for her sins are those who need to be held accountable. While in a just world, such people would be made to share the same cell as those they would eagerly release, I will settle for seeing them disbarred.