Wednesday, February 2, 2011

File it under WTF

A women basically murders a small dog in a slow cruel way but watch the charges against her be dropped.

Have any of you noticed, that when this shit happens, and a man does it, they get the book thrown at them - as they should.  If a child does it they try to psychoanalyze the child and find out why they'd do something so monstrously stupid.  Yet if a woman does this, people just shrug.  It has become a learned reflex to not question the behavior of woman, partly for fear of the lynchmob of cunts who would descend on the man foolish enough to do this.  However I think there is another reason, I think that men have long ago accepted on a subconscious level the irresponsible behavior of women.  The same way a parent accepts their grown retarded child's behavior, men have learned to not question why women will do the most insane things that even a moment's critical thinking would write off.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Woman wants to marry a corporation....

So this woman wants to marry a corporation.

I'm curious, just how loony do women have to behave before we get to repeal the suffrage laws?

Because as we are forced to indulge this stupidity, it is not going to abate, they will simply raise the stakes to the point where they will demand the right to scream incoherently while shooting at random strangers.

You can't expect women to reign in their own behavior.  Women by their very nature lack the powers of judgement that virtually all men have as a birthright.  A topic I plan to expand on soon enough.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woman commits post-natal abortion, public not outraged

Yet another woman has slaughtered her nearly grown children because it suited her to do so.

I am no longer shocked that nobody demands the death penalty for a woman, no matter how loathsome the crime. I am however increasingly disgusted by the eagerness of women to rise in sympathy - FOR HER!

It should not surprise anybody that no woman will ever demand the death penalty for a woman who murders her own children. There are many reasons for this, first and foremost is the deep-seated belief by women, that their children are their property. The child came from them, so they are theirs to nurture or slaughter at their discretion no matter if the child is a fetus or nearly an adult. Pay attention to how women stress 'my child' as though she was saying 'my car' or 'my jewelry' because the child is just a talking pet.

Almost as potent is the inability for women to accept that their actions merit guilt. For a woman to admit to the guilt of a action, no matter how despicable would shatter the belief that she is the center of the universe. God can not err.

However the biggest reason why no woman will ever come out for this, one of the endless reasons why women are inferior to men. A man who commits acts of savagery will prompt other men to deal with him quickly and sometimes brutally. The act of an evil man will stand alone, even the most pedestrian of men will be sickened by a man who murders children regardless of excuse or relation. Many men will line up for the privilege to end the villains life. A woman on the other hand will defend the worst of other women, because they know that the behavior of women is uniform. One woman's violent reaction is merely the desires of other women made manifest. When she looks into the face of Julie Schenecker, she sees her own reflection.