Wednesday, February 2, 2011

File it under WTF

A women basically murders a small dog in a slow cruel way but watch the charges against her be dropped.

Have any of you noticed, that when this shit happens, and a man does it, they get the book thrown at them - as they should.  If a child does it they try to psychoanalyze the child and find out why they'd do something so monstrously stupid.  Yet if a woman does this, people just shrug.  It has become a learned reflex to not question the behavior of woman, partly for fear of the lynchmob of cunts who would descend on the man foolish enough to do this.  However I think there is another reason, I think that men have long ago accepted on a subconscious level the irresponsible behavior of women.  The same way a parent accepts their grown retarded child's behavior, men have learned to not question why women will do the most insane things that even a moment's critical thinking would write off.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Woman wants to marry a corporation....

So this woman wants to marry a corporation.

I'm curious, just how loony do women have to behave before we get to repeal the suffrage laws?

Because as we are forced to indulge this stupidity, it is not going to abate, they will simply raise the stakes to the point where they will demand the right to scream incoherently while shooting at random strangers.

You can't expect women to reign in their own behavior.  Women by their very nature lack the powers of judgement that virtually all men have as a birthright.  A topic I plan to expand on soon enough.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woman commits post-natal abortion, public not outraged

Yet another woman has slaughtered her nearly grown children because it suited her to do so.

I am no longer shocked that nobody demands the death penalty for a woman, no matter how loathsome the crime. I am however increasingly disgusted by the eagerness of women to rise in sympathy - FOR HER!

It should not surprise anybody that no woman will ever demand the death penalty for a woman who murders her own children. There are many reasons for this, first and foremost is the deep-seated belief by women, that their children are their property. The child came from them, so they are theirs to nurture or slaughter at their discretion no matter if the child is a fetus or nearly an adult. Pay attention to how women stress 'my child' as though she was saying 'my car' or 'my jewelry' because the child is just a talking pet.

Almost as potent is the inability for women to accept that their actions merit guilt. For a woman to admit to the guilt of a action, no matter how despicable would shatter the belief that she is the center of the universe. God can not err.

However the biggest reason why no woman will ever come out for this, one of the endless reasons why women are inferior to men. A man who commits acts of savagery will prompt other men to deal with him quickly and sometimes brutally. The act of an evil man will stand alone, even the most pedestrian of men will be sickened by a man who murders children regardless of excuse or relation. Many men will line up for the privilege to end the villains life. A woman on the other hand will defend the worst of other women, because they know that the behavior of women is uniform. One woman's violent reaction is merely the desires of other women made manifest. When she looks into the face of Julie Schenecker, she sees her own reflection.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mythical Female Orgasm

The Myth of the Female Orgasm

Someday, a long time from now, historians and sociologists will look back on the 20th century and scratch their heads over the “sexual revolution” that began. Of course, assuming the collapse of society doesn’t breed a new era of book burning, they will have ample material to analyze though it may not ultimately explain how feminists were able to convince themselves that their libidos were at least the equal of men. Of course, as with all of their deranged claims, when the proof fails to manifest, they blame men.

The claim is laughable and can easily be machine gunned down by the following bullet points culled from the best source of truth - reality:

* Men view sex as an end, women view sex as a means
* Men need little or no prompting for sex, you would have an easier time talking a woman into buying a new car.
* When men orgasm, there is demonstrable proof. With a woman, you must take her word for it.
* When men fail to be aroused it is invariably physical in nature. When women are incapable of faking arousal, it is usually in her head (where it would have ample leg room).
* Prostitutes are women who sell themselves for sex and can be found around the world. Gigalos are men who sell themselves for sex and are slightly less common than Bigfoot.
* For a man to get off, all he needs is a tissue, his hand and a few minutes. Women however require a vast array of machines with more RPM’s than a lawnmower and most of an hour - if she’s in a hurry.

Needless to say, any woman who mentions her legendary sex drive should be laughed at. This kind of claim is on par with a third world communist nation calling itself great when it’s not even discovered the concept of paved roads. The vestigial response to sexual stimulation that women experience is the equivalent of the nipples on men. They are an genetic holdover from men and women sharing the same racial gene pool. I imagine some of you will insist that there are indeed some women who genuinely do enjoy and crave sex. So what? Apparently some men can lactate too.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Customer Service - A Case Study

There was a time, long ago, when companies were large enough to be staffed by customer service departments decided they would staff their positions with women. This was based on the misleading research that showed that women tended to elicit more positive responses from those who had were having problems or needed assistance. This is one of those situations where the kunts took a grain of data and ran rough shod over reality. The greater experience, that women have never failed to ruin any industry they have graced, was ignored because as we all know, feelings will always trump reality in a kunt’s mind.

This is the origin of the much deserved bad reputation of “Customer Service”. You might ask how this conclusion is reached? If you are a woman, don’t bother, logic is an elusive concept so no degree of explanation will suffice. If you are a man however I only need one elegant reason: When a man is faced with a problem, it is his gut reaction to correct the problem. It is this innate quality of man that leads to things like science, capitalism and technology. When a woman is faced with a problem, her gut reaction is to figure out how best to avoid it or put it off to somebody else.

This is bad enough when the women are merely occupying the phones and front desks, but women ever leave well enough alone and once they infiltrated the successive levels of their departments, you wind up with a hierarchy of useless staff who’s only talent is in blowing off customers. This of course suits the corporations just fine, because if customers leave without having to be satisfied that’s money the company didn’t have to spend to rectify the problem.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You think it's bad now?

Just like the global warming pundits, I feel compelled to paint the picture of what the future will be like “if things don’t change”, as just like them I do not expect anything to change. So imagine a good decade or more down the road, figure that no other major catastrophes to give society the electro shock therapy that it desperately needs.

Marriage of course will be dead in the eyes of any man under thirty. It will be relegated to that thing that only old people and creepy women participate in, kinda like what the Catholic church is now. There might be some public notice given to it, however I am not inclined to think so as the media has done everything short of closing it’s eyes and putting its fingers in its ears to ignore it so far that it’s not likely it’s total demise will alter this policy.

Another trend, that has already begun and is already being noted by feminists and men alike, is that of the fear women seem to have about ‘dying alone surrounded by cats’. If my observation of women has shown me anything, it’s that they can barely tolerate each other in their relative youth and in old age they all but completely ignore each other in old age. The ones already locked into this trajectory I suspect will make overtures to their fucked up children in the hopes that somebody will be around to notice the dead body.

While this future isn’t much better for men, the young men are going to envy their fathers as the girls who are being raised now will make our generation look like saints by comparison. What will now be a third generation of girls who are treated better than the historical princesses whose title they have taken, they will not only expect to be pandered to, they will begin seeking ways to enforce this attitude on an increasingly resentful male populace. To compound this problem, younger men will find a tidal backwash of thirty-something men who will make an already grossly overvalued dating market reach levels that could only be rivaled by the dotcom bubble.

One element though that I find amusing is that given this toxic environment for men, I predict at some point in the next decade, when the advancements in computer technologies and virtual interfaces reach a degree, that somebody will craft a truly palatable form of virtual sex. When that happens, though it may take more than a decade, dating as we know it will come to a crashing halt. The phenomenon caused by World of Warcraft, where literally millions of people have all but disappeared from the lives of their friends should give a good idea of what women will have in store for them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They're still feminists.

There are is a ongoing bit of chatter in the hive, mostly dealing with how so many women are put off by the idea of feminism and that they are leaving “the movement” in droves. It’s amusing to watch the capital F feminists bemoaning this situation but while I am not sure if they are sincere in their worry, fear not, there is absolutely no truth in it.

Women have not rejected feminism and all it’s fascist self absorbed mantras, they have however rejected Feminism, NOW, and any other official organization representing it. It’s like when I was young, and in the vile redneck shithole I grew up in there was a stir over how the local KKK chapter was disbanding. I was pleased by this and told my teacher (an elderly black man) how great it was. He responded that it was meaningless, that just because the official organization shut down it didn’t mean racism was over. He was right of course and the same is true with feminism.

Women are not rejecting Feminism because they are bothered by what it stands for, they just don’t want to suffer for it by openly claiming to be feminists. They are quite happy to go on being materialistic self absorbed monsters, they are just uncomfortable with advertising the fact.

Feminism is another form of bigotry pure and simple. Just like the KKK, it had a moment in history when it was chic to be openly hateful but just because it’s no longer popular to do it in public doesn’t mean they have stopped doing it. Women will continue to hate men and tarring the word feminist has made them less open about it.

It is a shame though, when the women were open about their misandry they had a brief flirtation with something else, something they don’t experience too often - honesty.