Wednesday, February 2, 2011

File it under WTF

A women basically murders a small dog in a slow cruel way but watch the charges against her be dropped.

Have any of you noticed, that when this shit happens, and a man does it, they get the book thrown at them - as they should.  If a child does it they try to psychoanalyze the child and find out why they'd do something so monstrously stupid.  Yet if a woman does this, people just shrug.  It has become a learned reflex to not question the behavior of woman, partly for fear of the lynchmob of cunts who would descend on the man foolish enough to do this.  However I think there is another reason, I think that men have long ago accepted on a subconscious level the irresponsible behavior of women.  The same way a parent accepts their grown retarded child's behavior, men have learned to not question why women will do the most insane things that even a moment's critical thinking would write off.

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Seeker said...

You write well, and your spot on. Glad your back, keep up the fight.