Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They're still feminists.

There are is a ongoing bit of chatter in the hive, mostly dealing with how so many women are put off by the idea of feminism and that they are leaving “the movement” in droves. It’s amusing to watch the capital F feminists bemoaning this situation but while I am not sure if they are sincere in their worry, fear not, there is absolutely no truth in it.

Women have not rejected feminism and all it’s fascist self absorbed mantras, they have however rejected Feminism, NOW, and any other official organization representing it. It’s like when I was young, and in the vile redneck shithole I grew up in there was a stir over how the local KKK chapter was disbanding. I was pleased by this and told my teacher (an elderly black man) how great it was. He responded that it was meaningless, that just because the official organization shut down it didn’t mean racism was over. He was right of course and the same is true with feminism.

Women are not rejecting Feminism because they are bothered by what it stands for, they just don’t want to suffer for it by openly claiming to be feminists. They are quite happy to go on being materialistic self absorbed monsters, they are just uncomfortable with advertising the fact.

Feminism is another form of bigotry pure and simple. Just like the KKK, it had a moment in history when it was chic to be openly hateful but just because it’s no longer popular to do it in public doesn’t mean they have stopped doing it. Women will continue to hate men and tarring the word feminist has made them less open about it.

It is a shame though, when the women were open about their misandry they had a brief flirtation with something else, something they don’t experience too often - honesty.

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