Saturday, January 19, 2008

Political Marriage

No I'm not talking about Clinton. I'm referring to a phenomenon that ten years ago I would never have imagined. The religious nuts and the feminists are joining forces. However upon contemplation I realized that this is actually a inevitable joining of two groups who's differences are just as irrelevant as the differences between the religious right and wall street.

Think about it. The feminists hate sex. The church hates sex. The feminists have swaddled themselves in the illusion that they are all for "the family" (which means them, their child and the alimony check). The church has also made claims of an equally hypocritical nature. Also remember this, by far the majority of church goers are women.

This shouldn't surprise anybody when you consider the two groups. Both have as a central principle the negation of common sense, reality and trumpet intellectual dishonesty as theirs by right. If women had not been so gung ho on abortion back in the 60's this would probably have happened already.

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