Friday, March 21, 2008

I Endorse this Divorce!

In some other election, where Hillary wasn’t running, Obama would be the darling of Feminists everywhere. Of course like all kunts, when it comes between the best man in the race, sorry but that torture supporting hypocrite McCain can eat shit and die, and the worst woman to ever run for office, they will ALWAYS side with the woman. Hillary is of course the closest the feminists have ever come to their holy grail of having a woman in charge of the country. Because as we all know, once women are in charge, the skys will shower money onto us, the evils of the world will shrivel away and die, and we will all live happily ever after.

Of course, those who aren’t humorless kunts can appreciate how the ‘best’ woman the Feminists can put forth, a humorless vindictive power hungry bitch, who using the most stacked deck a politician could ask for is still managing to lose to the new guy. Rather than acknowledge their bad choice and accepting that the better candidate is winning, they do what all women will do, they are having temper tantrums. The typical manhating shame speeches have already begun. The tirades by Geraldine Ferarro and patron saint of batshit kunts Gloria Steinum were just the start. Now there’s an article in Mother Jones which amounts to little more than a shame-speech and the only shocking part of the article was that the author didn’t ask him to bow out of the race.

If nobody believes me when I tell them that the marriage of Feminism kunts and the Religious fucktards in this country is inevitable allow me to make a prediction and that is when Hillary loses to Obama it will be the proverbial separation of the Feminist establishment from the Democratic party and their inevitable divorce. Of course like the metaphorical sociopathic bitch she will fuck that party over for everything she can before jumping into the arms of the next clueless moron she can woo over. In this case it will be the Religious wing of the now aged bachelor known as the Republican party.

One might say that this would be the death knell for the Democrats when this happens but I am not so sure. Feminists are only in it for themselves, those without ovaries are at best cannon fodder in their eyes (women LOVE wars), so they will gladly support the occupation of Iraq until the nation goes bankrupt and takes the Republicans with them. Also a Democratic party without the albatross of kunt ass kissing will win back large numbers of blue collar men - especially the single father variety if they opt to support father’s rights. What’s great is that the union of these two fundamentalist whackjob groups is that when they cause the Republicans to self destruct they will do more damage to each other as they go down than anybody could do to either of them alone!

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