Monday, April 7, 2008

Customer Service - A Case Study

There was a time, long ago, when companies were large enough to be staffed by customer service departments decided they would staff their positions with women. This was based on the misleading research that showed that women tended to elicit more positive responses from those who had were having problems or needed assistance. This is one of those situations where the kunts took a grain of data and ran rough shod over reality. The greater experience, that women have never failed to ruin any industry they have graced, was ignored because as we all know, feelings will always trump reality in a kunt’s mind.

This is the origin of the much deserved bad reputation of “Customer Service”. You might ask how this conclusion is reached? If you are a woman, don’t bother, logic is an elusive concept so no degree of explanation will suffice. If you are a man however I only need one elegant reason: When a man is faced with a problem, it is his gut reaction to correct the problem. It is this innate quality of man that leads to things like science, capitalism and technology. When a woman is faced with a problem, her gut reaction is to figure out how best to avoid it or put it off to somebody else.

This is bad enough when the women are merely occupying the phones and front desks, but women ever leave well enough alone and once they infiltrated the successive levels of their departments, you wind up with a hierarchy of useless staff who’s only talent is in blowing off customers. This of course suits the corporations just fine, because if customers leave without having to be satisfied that’s money the company didn’t have to spend to rectify the problem.


Mike from the East said...

Men tend to be more helpful and knowledgeable when I call to get service. I had the worst customer service experiences with minority women who apparently were hired to fill a double quota and get the employer tax credit for hiring welfare moms. Which is not to say that older White women who have manners cannot be great help like when researching something in the library.

melissa said...

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