Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mythical Female Orgasm

The Myth of the Female Orgasm

Someday, a long time from now, historians and sociologists will look back on the 20th century and scratch their heads over the “sexual revolution” that began. Of course, assuming the collapse of society doesn’t breed a new era of book burning, they will have ample material to analyze though it may not ultimately explain how feminists were able to convince themselves that their libidos were at least the equal of men. Of course, as with all of their deranged claims, when the proof fails to manifest, they blame men.

The claim is laughable and can easily be machine gunned down by the following bullet points culled from the best source of truth - reality:

* Men view sex as an end, women view sex as a means
* Men need little or no prompting for sex, you would have an easier time talking a woman into buying a new car.
* When men orgasm, there is demonstrable proof. With a woman, you must take her word for it.
* When men fail to be aroused it is invariably physical in nature. When women are incapable of faking arousal, it is usually in her head (where it would have ample leg room).
* Prostitutes are women who sell themselves for sex and can be found around the world. Gigalos are men who sell themselves for sex and are slightly less common than Bigfoot.
* For a man to get off, all he needs is a tissue, his hand and a few minutes. Women however require a vast array of machines with more RPM’s than a lawnmower and most of an hour - if she’s in a hurry.

Needless to say, any woman who mentions her legendary sex drive should be laughed at. This kind of claim is on par with a third world communist nation calling itself great when it’s not even discovered the concept of paved roads. The vestigial response to sexual stimulation that women experience is the equivalent of the nipples on men. They are an genetic holdover from men and women sharing the same racial gene pool. I imagine some of you will insist that there are indeed some women who genuinely do enjoy and crave sex. So what? Apparently some men can lactate too.


thepigs said...

in your points on libido you forgot rape.

Broderick.O.S.D said...
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kevin said...
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Joe said...
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Kim said...

Interestingly enough the medical science world would disagree with the blog entirely. To insinuate that sex is only for men is absurb. Reality females actually are interested in sex long before males. However women are not the simple individuals that men are and sex is as much a physical need as it is a psychological need.

DarQ DawG said...

If you believe that women don't absolutely love sex and that female orgasm is a myth then you just ain't doing it right. Perhaps you need to go take some lessons. Find a tantric sex teacher and get to work.

The multi-billion dollar vibrator industry dominated by women customers staunchly disagrees with your stupid claims.

Female oriented porn is the fastest growing part of the porn industry.

It is absolutely ASSinine to say that women don't love screwing.

The the only difference between a woman's sex drive and a man's is that men can easily enjoy fast food in the bedroom while women require gourmet sex.

And to Kim, aside from their reproductive plumbing, men are not all that simple, at least not any more so than women, whether you believe it or not. They learn to shut off more of their emotional selves the way women learn to shut off their sexual selves, which is why the author was able to justify making this stupid blog instead of flushing it in the toilet where it belonged. Men's threshold or point at which they can experience pleasure is lower and more easily accessed. However, ask anyone who's experienced tantric or taoist sex and they'll tell you that both men and women are capable of multiple orgasms. Men have a "million dollar point" like women have a g-spot.

Mike from the East said...

You know little of female sexuality to say the least. For a woman to enjoy herself she needs to sleep with one she finds physically attractive, knows what is he doing and takes his time doing it. Most women want the best, but only a few women get to sleep with the kind of man she likes on regular basis. Most women are in relationships with what they were able to get at the time and not what they really want.

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