Monday, March 31, 2008

The Great Sperm Drain

Well it has been going on in England for some time. Sperm donors had their anonymity stripped away from them and instantly became the targets for paternity suits. Of course, now that the number of donors for the whole country has dropped into the double digits they hypocritically bemoan the dearth of donors. You would think the kunts on our side of the pond would for once show a spec of foresight and not fuck themselves over with the sharpened end of their broomstick.

Clearly, if you suffer from that delusion, this will strip it away. No? Maybe this then.

The kunts here are going to do exactly the same thing and the men here who feeling even less forgiving than their British counterparts. It is a pity that some train wrecks take so long to unfold but sometimes the best revenge only comes in slow motion. Once this registry gets started there will be the first uses of it, some claim that the child is somehow defective, suffering from some imaginary problem like bushy eyebrows or her fingernails grow too fast. Then they will insist they need to know who the father is and before you can say “opportunistic bitch” there will be a paternity suit slapped on the clueless idiot.

This isn’t a matter of if, this is a matter of how soon. The irony is that this will leave open grounds for countersuit from the men, to demand that their own samples be removed from the banks and destroyed. Of course the next question to ask is when there is such a severe shortage of Instant-Paternity-Seed, what will the kunts do? This is where the question prompts some potentially scary answers. One could easily envision some crackpot stabs at coercing men to become donors but thankfully the kunts don’t quite have the pull that they need. Yet.

Of course one amusing technological note is that some research into bioengineering has shown that female eggs can be potentially converted into sperm (and vice versa). Now this raises a truly hilarious notion, women suing each other for paternity. I can see how women would insist that would never happen, that women are all one happy homogenous hive mind and would never fuck each other over given the first opportunity.


David said...

In Fact it has already happened in my Country, Israel, where we suffer the same Feminazi related problems just as in the UK.

A lesbian couple with a common child has separated. One woman's egg was used in the other woman's womb. They both adopted the child.
After they separated one bitch got the custody and sued the other bitch for child support. And guess what? The kunt ws indeed forced to pay child support to the other kunt by the Family Court in Tel-Aviv. So, this is not a dream or illusion. It is already happening on the ground :)

Anonymous said...

Go to the sperm bank with a buddy. When you create your "specimen" exchange it with your buddy. THEN, if the issue of child support ever raises its ugly head, demand a paterity test. They can then sue the sperm bank!

Mike from the East said...

The more educated, intelligent, attractive and tall a man is, the more likely he is to get picked as a donor. Many medical students helped pay for their education that way. However, after the man becomes a successful physician or executive he may get slapped with a paternity lawsuit for something that his dumber and needier younger self did?

Women can get sperm easily. As long as there are bars with drunk dumb men who will stick it in any thing or pass out like sacks of potatoes allowing a woman to do as she please with him, women will have an endless supply of seminal fluid. There have even been cases of women impregnating themselves with discarded condoms and turkey baster.