Friday, November 23, 2007

How Feminism Liberated Men

One of the most simple yet profound lessons we consistently  fail to learn is that our actions have consequences beyond what we anticipate. Sometimes the consequences turn out to be completely counter to those of the original. Feminism is one such case though I am amazed how men have not caught on to this fact.

Feminists claimed their goals were to 'liberate' women from the 'oppressive regime' of being kept in homes and forced to be the unpaid slaves and breeders of men.  They painted the working man as living in some paradise where he lounged in the office and then went home to his slaving wife.  While men were not at all interested in indulging a movement based on this deranged fantasy, they did not put up anything like the resistance feminists would have their daughters think they were forced to struggle against.  The prime motive in this social change was economics, which actually pushed us away from this momentary bubble of idealism and back to the historic norm.  Yes guys read your history, women quite often worked hard labor jobs outside the home.  However when women got out into the workplace, much to their dismay they learned it wasn't all gumdrops and unicorns!  It was hard!  Now, in hypocritical arrogance they are trying to push this shellacked 50's fantasy on us, only now they want us to foot the bill AND absolve them of any 'wifely duties' as well.  The immigrant labor we are expected to hire will presumably take care of that.

Guys on the other hand are jumping ship in record numbers, abandoning the concept of even metaphorical unions (live in lovers, cohabitation, etc) as they have realized that a woman's true daydream is to be a size 18 leech.  In giving up the illusion of control, they have gained the reality of being free.  Women are now living in the nightmare of getting everything they ever asked for.  They have their careers, they have their own place, and with each year that goes by it's likely they will never be burdened with children.

The supreme irony is Feminists did what women would have otherwise never done individually.  They gave voice to what all women felt and believed, that had neither the desire for men, and that being with men was merely a means to an end.  They spoke as openly and honestly as any woman could, that they hated men, and that the only sex they would bear was with each other.  They made it clear that children were a burden, and their only purpose was to be a hostage to the men they would cheerfully divorce for no reason at all.  Everything men ever suspected women were guilty of Feminists cheerfully admitted to and insisted that they do it with pride.

Is it any wonder that so many women now are intent on distancing themselves from Feminism?  Much like how modern politicians who were once members of hate groups are desperate to insist we should read nothing into it.  The taint is on them and it's not coming off.  We're free and no amount of sweet talking is going to make us put our shackles back on.

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