Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Feminist Hypocrasy

I thought I'd check Google and see if my blog was showing up yet and low and behold I find this!

Now quick, before she realizes men are looking at her blathering and takes it down! According to her we men who refuse to bleed our lives into her wallet are "More than likely they are 40 year old virgins" which shouldn't surprise anybody. The typical hate speech that women resort to any time reality chafes against their delusions.

I would love to remind this kunt that feminists for years swore that marriage was enslavement and no woman in her right mind should want it. However as these little cretins grew up and found they loved shopping but were growing to detest the idea of work, it was inevitable they would turn to marriage to finance their spending sprees. Of course as no-fault divorce became the law of the land, the kunts realized that they could have your cake and as well as their own. So now we have come full circle, but one thing has never changed - it's all about them.

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Bill said...

More on the marriage strike can be found at www.alimonycentral.org and www.abolish-alimony.org.

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