Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We have a long road ahead.

The marriage strike is just the beginning. Like globalization or climate change, the marriage strike is not an easily tracked phenomena and the decline of marriage is merely the first symptoms of the conflict to come. Within the next few years, as the decline of marriages becomes too obvious for the media to continue ignoring it, there will be the usual spin doctors in the media who will eagerly depict this negatively as possible. Men will be portrayed as selfish, antisocial or even traitorous to browbeat them back into the slavery that is the marriage/divorce cycle.

This will not be resolved in a scant few years. This is a crusade which will take a generation and likely longer to truly bring to a proper conclusion. An entire generation of men have been beaten spiritually and emotionally. They have been condemned as criminals for the 'crime' of not being women. An entire generation of women have been raised to think of themselves as princesses. If history has shown us anything, once people assume a throne, it takes a revolution to remove them.

This is not a strike. This is a revolution.

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