Thursday, March 27, 2008

Female Cop = Predatory Bully

Yet another article about a female cop going above and beyond the call of kuntdom. I find it amazing how many seemingly intelligent men can read through report after report of how a woman bravely beats a quadriplegic man or just recently how a wily cop, dressed as a prostitute, busts open a ring of eager 90 year old johns. However one thing I have to ask, how does a prostitute dress to stand out from other women these days?

As an aside, I have to ask, why is it always in Florida? No, this isn’t rhetorical as I grew up in that shithole and it seemed like every deranged law, sociopathic murderer, freakish miscarriage of justice and lowlife to hit the national pages was doing it in Florida. The only place on earth I think that can match the level of societal insanity in that state is the middle east.

You will never read about women in law enforcement doing anything brave or heroic because she might break a nail. I assure you, were there some woman who did this, it would be grounds for a epic TV mini series before you could say “There’s an exception to every rule.”

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