Sunday, March 30, 2008

Of Vegans and Vixens

Sometimes I wonder if these things fly into my inbox just to bait me.

Wow what a shocking revelation, kunts are naturally given to side with animal rights extremists. Somebody stop the presses, next you’ll be telling me that women support leftist causes and are pushing for a total Marxist transformation of the free world. Oh wait...they are.

One must wonder though why kunts are instantly on the side of every delusional left wing cult. It can’t just be because women are naturally drawn to sociopaths, there’s plenty of fascist right wing lunatics they could clamp their cooch around. Clearly there is more to it than that.

One of the underlying principles of all these leftist organizations is the denial of the individual. Men, being the wild free spirits that we are, enjoy working together but do not feel the hive mind compulsion to only exist as a group. We can and often do operate alone for long stretches, some of us even preferring the solitude for most of our lives. Women on the other hand are like individual ants, mindless and directionless without the rest of the collective to give her direction. Hell, they can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves, even this must become a joint effort.

So knowing this, it is easy to understand why women don’t just prefer left wing causes, but openly cheer for them. Anything to dilute and devalue human life and bring it down to their level of misery and mediocrity.


Ginevra said...

I'm not sure if I should bother commenting, as you probably are not interested in my thoughts on your blog...I am a woman after all, and one about to begin medical school.
I think the term you prefer is 'kunt?'
I imagine that you will delete my comment immediately, but I thought you might be interested to know that my sister's marriage ended when her husband left her to pursue a brief religious whim to become an evangelical preacher. He then got 'palimony' in the divorce settlement, as well as shared custody of their son. When he later succeeded in purchasing for himself a mail-order Russian bride, I suppose he fulfilled another of the ridiculous social movements you seem to long for.
My point, by the way, is not that men are bad...just that dumb is dumb, and selfish is selfish, regardless of gender. It's hurtful to throw gender slurs around on the internet, and I think it cheapens your message.
I speak as a woman who also faces the financial risks of a high-wage earner contemplating marriage, parenthood, and divorce. I wonder what will happen to your 'marriage strike' movement when women do, as you predict, begin to out-earn men?

Anonymous said...

We are already seeing the results of the marriage strike. With men waiting longer to marry (age 28) and a good number (some 22% saying they'll never marry). With these changes the women will find it difficult to become pregnant in there prime years ( 18-30 ). In which case having children will become increasingly more difficult.

You bring up women becoming wage earners, to counter the marriage strike seems odd and out of place. Women at some point in their life feel the need to have a child, and that need increases with age. What can a women do to fix that need if no man would have her? Especialy at the age of 30 which is about the average time women realize this need. It also could explain the amount of unhappiness women in general are beginning to feel in north america.

I'm waiting for the day that our friendly muslims take over this nation they're the only ones having children these days.

You may answer with ivf (i believe its called that) but that is easily boycott.