Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where Nature Went Wrong

There are those who would blame Feminism for the behavior of women. I am not one of them. There are those who believe that women behave as they due because of bad socialization or gender stereotyping. I am not one of them. The reasons for why women are what they are, is not the fault of men (or even Feminists, though they do make it worse).

Nature has given women something of a shitty genetic hand to play. The brain of a woman is at best slightly below average that of a man and quite often is seriously lacking. Women have by genetic predisposition bad social skills which are only made worse by poor social skills. Compound these external problems with internal ones like a hormone imbalance that makes peace of mind a stranger and something as simple as an orgasm is often heard about but never personally experienced.

Now put this group around another, this other group, though wildly varied (in contrast) of intellect and talents will on average achieve things they never will. Boys will discover orgasms long before girls will get their first period. As they grow into men, they will find their passions either in art, in science. They will become poets, painters, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, or leaders. Women will go shopping. Yes, some women have the capacity to rise above the crippling flaws of their genetics but they are the rare exception to a disturbingly pathetic rule and even they are tainted as they walk through life gritting their teeth at the men who so seem to do effortlessly what is a major struggle for themselves.

So what of the rule then? What do you do when you are so obviously outclassed and outgunned in this modern market place? Well, any good tactician would you that the answer is simple - you wage a guerrilla war. When you lack strength, impugn strength. When you lack intelligence, speak derisively of intellect. When your neighbor has a nice house, you sabotage it. This is why women will instinctively create misery and suffering where there was no need for it. They are jealous of men, not for their achievements but because they are men. This is the heart of misandry, women feel collectively cheated by nature and they are taking it out on men like a hateful petty sibling.

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