Saturday, March 22, 2008

When a girl says “No” she means whatever the hell she feels like.

In Muslim dominated countries, a woman’s testimony is only half that of a man. Now apart from the legal strangeness of giving a numerical valuation to a legal claim, I think that for once the religious nuts have a great idea at least in concept. The root of this I surmise is that the testimony of a woman can’t be trusted. This of course is a bit of male wisdom that transcends every culture and nation. It can be found in the oldest scriptures and this wisdom though disputed by every woman has never once been refuted.

Of course the questions arise, are women incapable of telling the truth? No that would mean that women are simply pathological liars which isn’t the case. Others claim that women would prefer to tell a lie because it’s more comfortable than the truth. This is closer but the reality, as it is so often, is more complicated.

The basic problem is that in the mind of a woman, the truth or a lie has equal merit. She will use the truth if it would gain her benefit (or inflict more harm) and she will tell a lie if it will reach those ends better. For a woman, there is no more moral conflict in telling a lie over the truth than there would be in choosing between orange soda and grape soda.

The ramification of this flaw in the behavior of women becomes obvious when one considers how unreliable the opinion of a woman can be. When they stand for nothing (which is impossible when you do not value the truth over deceit) their beliefs become as difficult to nail down as a mayfly. Think about all the times when women simply can’t make up their minds, regardless of the obviousness of a choice, be it a choice of great magnitude or something as simple as what to wear to work. All choices are made on a foundation of valuations which on some level have the labels of “right” and “wrong.”

So it’s not surprising that Muslims would treat the testimony of a woman with suspicion, though their reasoning is almost certainly not as sound, like the idiot who gets the answer to a question correctly by a blind guess, the answer though is still correct - women are dishonest by nature.

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